Ministries and Groups

Church Groups Contact Phone No./Email
Ministers of the Word Ned Lambe 021-4362017
Ministers of the Eucharist Catherine McGarry 021-4894128
St Columba’s Church Choir Patricia Kelleher 021-4841134
Altar Servers Mary Creedon 021-4292822
St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Legion of Mary Pat Keane 021-4893346
St. Vincent de Paul
Christian Meditation Groups (Monday night @ 7.30 & Wednesday Morn @ 10.30am) Rita O’Connell 021-4292404
Pray & Play Gill & Gabriel Doherty
Dues Collectors Contact office
Altar Society Contact office
Church Volunteers  (church cleaning) Contact office
Church Collectors Contact office
St Patrick’s Rochestown Choir Susan Ormond  086-8677077
Children’s choir Avril McCarthy
Children’s mass group

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society

From September 2014, the meeting of the Douglas Branch of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society will take place on the first Monday of the month after the 10.00 am Mass in the Parish Pastoral Centre, St. Columba’s Church.

The Society was founded by Mrs. Olivia Taaffe in 1895 and has been approved by the Episcopal Conference. Members of the Branch pray for vocations and financially assist students studying for the priesthood.

In the year 2013, there were 147 ordinations worldwide assisted by the Society. The Douglas Branch would welcome new members. For more information contact the Parish Office, St. Columba’s Church 021 4894128
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The Legion of Mary

Meetings are held each Monday morning at 11.15am in the Legion of Mary Hall, Douglas East. Our works include:
• Home Visitation
• Hospital Visitation
• Fatima Statue Visitation
• First Saturday Rosary

New members are always welcome.

For more information contact the Parish Office, St. Columba’s Church 021 4894128

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St. Vincent de Paul

The S.V.P. (Saint Vincent De Paul) is there to offer practical help and advice in complete confidence. Our members have wide experience in helping people deal with their problems and can link you to services or agencies that can help you further.

If people need help – with bills, with education expenses, with funeral expenses or they simply need ‘time out’, then they should be able to call on the SVP like you would call on a friend. Like any good friend, you don’t make judgements about how they got into the problem, you stay in the background and try and help them solve it.”

The society operates in small groups called “conferences” based in local parishes that meet regularly and their work is usually concentrated on local visiting.

However over the years, the SVP has responded to social changes, provides a range of additional services depending on the prevailing need. Today, these “Special Works” include shops, resource centres, provides accommodation to vulnerable people. Personal contact between the SVP volunteers and individuals or families in need is a hallmark of the work of the Society. Home visitation to families, carried out in strict confidence has always been the core work of the Society.

If you need assistance contact S.V.P. on (021) 4270444.

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Christian Meditation Group

Meetings: Parish Pastoral Centre, St. Columba’s Church, Douglas.

Mondays: 7.30pm – 8.00pm
Wednesdays: 10.30am – 11.00am

Christian Meditation is a way of silence, stillness and simplicity. A lot of our prayer tends to be asking, or telling God what to do; in mediation, we try simply to be open to the Presence within. We do this with the help of a prayer-word or mantra. The meetings start with a short CD to help us leave our daily concerns behind, follow by 20 minutes silent meditation.

Meditation is valued in all religious traditions, and in Christianity goes back to the Desert Fathers, and is founded on Scripture. The tradition of using a prayer-word was revived by a Benedictine monk, John Main, who died some 30 years ago, and his teaching and example gradually gave rise to the formation of groups all over the world, the support Centre for which is the World Community for Christian Mediation, based in London (international) and (Ireland). For enquiries about the Douglas groups, please contact Rita 021 4292404. All welcome. You are not committing yourself by coming to one meeting!

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