Baptising My Child

Thank you for wanting your baby to join the family of the Church through Baptism.  You have decided to give your baby the chance to grow up in the knowledge and love of Christ. The parish wants to help you carry out this decision by giving you our wholehearted support.

God already loves your baby and wants only the best for this child. By asking for baptism, you will be publicly thanking God for his gift.

Baptism is the first step of your child’s journey to God.  Your own faith and support are also important for the steps that follow.  At the baptism ceremony, you will be promising to bring up your child as a Christian.

You are asking the parish to help you in this.  Your child will be part of a wider family – the Christian family –, which your child will first meet here in Douglas.

 The signs used in Baptism are: water, oil, white garment and light.  When someone is baptized, that person is joyfully made a child of God the Father, a brother or sister of Christ, and a member of the people of God, the Church